About the Book

How a broke guy in Arizona with no good prospects built a real estate empire worth millions, using a property wholesaling system to fund the growth with ZERO Risk, No Money, Bad Credit, No Industry Contacts, and No Prior Experience...

And why he’s convinced anyone can learn to do the exact same thing.

Here’s why this breakthrough book “STREETWISE PROPERTY INVESTING WHOLESALE BLUEPRINT” is so absolutely crucial to read right now...

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About the Author
Andrew J. Werner
Expert on property wholesaling investing and growing a profitable cash flow in real estate.

What's Inside the Book?

1. The two critical mindsets you must develop if you wish to succeed long-term in property wholesaling. Page 8.

2. How to read the real estate market trends to understand which strategy to apply for best results Page 13.

3. Why Wholesaling is by far the SMARTEST ENTRY POINT into professional property investing for almost everybody. Page 16.

4. Why and how to avoid the glitter of flipping properties as a new investor. This one section could save you tens of thousands in lost investment dollars. Page 18.

5. Why even smart flippers are adding property wholesaling to their investment and cash flow strategies. Page 19.

6. My step-by-step guide to the Property Wholesaling process. Page 21.

7. How to Find Underpriced Properties in Any Economy. Page 24.

8. How to find and work with motivated sellers. Page 25.

9. How to master the art and science of determining what a property is really worth to a wholesale buyer and the retail market. Page 28.

10. How to use the Gross Rent Multiplier to determine if a property will be a wholesale winner. Page 30.

11. How to use the Profit Factor Formula to ensure you always make healthy profits and have investors fighting to buy your wholesale properties. Page 34.

12. How to know when to walk away from a wholesale deal before you waste your time or money. Page 39.

13. How to build a database of hungry ready to go investor buyers who will fight for your properties and put money in your pocket fast! Page 40.

“THE STREET WISE PROPERTY INVESTING WHOLESALE BLUEPRINT” reveals THE PROVEN SYSTEM for building a lucrative career in the property wholesale industry.

Download a complimentary copy of this ebook today. You’ll discover how everyday people are winning big in property wholesaling without money, credit, contacts, or prior experience required to be successful.

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